Announced and selected DX-Activities for the TOP 150 Most Wanted (without IOTA, QRP, long time & Contest only activities) Weekly updated by DL7VEE
Short-path and long-path HF propagation predictions to actual Dxpeditions by OH6BG & friends (Need a modern browser):
MANY Dxpeditions are Canceled or Postponed by the Corona virus!
From Month Until Call DXCC, Prefix Homepage QSL-Info Remarks/Bemerkung
3 OCT SEP'22 9G5FI Ghana, 9G DL1RTL DL2RMC allbands 100 watts
7 OCT 5 - DEC 7Q6M Malawi, 7Q hc CBA K6ZO 80-10 m CW SSB FT8 may be 160 m (Embangweni Mission Hospital)
13 OCT MAR '21 JX2US Jan Mayen, JX hc LA2US  CW SSB FT8   focus on lowbands
14 OCT JAN '21 JG8NQJ/JD1 Minami Torishima, JD1 JA8CJY OP JG8NQJ  QRV in CW with 50 watts on 30/40 m     May be QRT after NOV 23
2 NOV 29 - NOV 8Q7RM Maldives, 8Q hc HB9SHD 80-10 m FT4 FT8 SSB CW  holiday style
9 NOV 29 - NOV PJ4/DL6KR Bonaire, PJ4 hc DL6KR DL3KMS DL1COP DC7MO
13 NOV 8 - DEC TZ1CE Mali, TZ hc DK1CE  from TZ4AMs station  160-10 m SSB FT8
15 NOV 15 - JAN 6O1OO Somalia, 6O CBA EP3CQ  160-6 m FT8 CW SSB
21 NOV 28 - NOV J8/UR5BCP St. Vincent, J8 KD7WPJ UR5BCP/KD7WPJ 40-6 m mostly FT4/FT8 some CW SSB
23 NOV 1 - DEC J88PI St. Vincent, J8 CBA GW4DVB  40-10 m SSB FT8 SSTV
25 NOV 2 - DEC 8Q7ZO Maldives, 8Q LoTW OH0XX N5ZO and W6NV/8Q7NV 160-10 m for WWDX CW
26 NOV 29 - NOV T46W Cuba, CO LoTW Special call all bands CW SSB FT8
28 NOV 29 - NOV CQ WWDX  - CW -    
14 JAN 29 - JAN 8Q7CQ Maldives, 8Q M0OXO G0VJG 80-10 m    hopes for 60 m permission
  JAN 2021 DT8A South Shetland, VP8sh DS5TOS DS4NMJ as OP starts from Korean King Se-Jong Station
27 FEB 27 - MAR PJ7AA St. Maarten, PJ7 OQRS LoTW AA9A